Baby Is Here

My baby is already here… but I cannot take care of him or her.

... Is Adoption still an option for me?

Yes, Rainbow of Love can help you place your baby ages 0 to 3 years old.

We know you love your baby.

But if you are feeling that parenting is not the right option for any reason (not the right time, unplanned pregnancy, not enough support in your parenting efforts, feeling alone, struggling in any possible way) and you want a solid future for your baby, we can help you in your decision.

We will support you in your adoption plan

You will have access to our family profiles and pick up one if you choose an open adoption. Or we will find the best match for you if you decide to have a closed adoption.

If, while reading this, you feel this is the right thing to do, call us now to talk to one of our Counselors.

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