Find An Adoptive Family

We will help find your baby’s forever family

Dear Expectant Mother,

You have an important decision ahead of you and you want what is best for your baby.

Rainbow of Love’s philosophy is Unique. We believe the success of a child’s life is closely linked to the parents that raise him or her.

Rainbow of Love believes in quality and not quantity

Rainbow of Love is a highly selective Agency and does not accept every person who applies to adopt a baby. It takes several months for our adoptive applicants to be approved for adoption and they have to pass a rigorous home study and complete required training. In addition, at least one of the adoptive parents are required to be a Professional and they are required to reside in a permanent home and be prepared financially and emotionally to be parents.

Technology has changed adoption over the years and you may see photos of families wanting to adopt on the Internet everywhere. Choosing a family from a post can involve some risk. You will not see photos of Rainbow of Love’s waiting for adoptive parents.

Our families are Premium and Private

You will have an opportunity to view their profiles privately and select the family that you feel most comfortable with if you choose to have an open or semi-open adoption. Or you can choose to have a closed adoption and we will select the best family for your child.

How will you meet them?

After you are matched with a family for your baby, you can talk to or meet with the family or just communicate via your Case Manager. You will have a Case Manager assigned to you with whom you can contact for questions or request.

We only ask one thing from you

We know that nothing in life is 100% guaranteed, so we ask that you feel 90 % or more leaning towards placing your baby into adoption before contacting Rainbow of Love. You are still free to change your mind; however, our goal is to minimize the emotional trauma you may experience.
Our Adoptive parents are Great, your child will have a Great life and you will have peace of mind and a Great life too! Thank you for your integrity and for choosing Life and choosing Adoption.

Warm Regards,


Rainbow of Love