Four Alternatives to Abortion When Faced with an Unplanned Pregnancy

You are pregnant and you are thinking about abortion? Maybe there are other options to consider.

You can feel overwhelmed by your unplanned pregnancy or by the circumstances around this pregnancy. And you may think that abortion is THE solution for you. But if you are reading this, maybe you are afraid of this “solution”, maybe you would like to see there are other options.

  • Maybe you don’t know the effects of an abortion: the abortion’s cost can make your plan unaffordable – the cost actually depends on the procedure used, the function of many factors.
  • Even if you need time to make sure that this is the right decision for you, choosing abortion is a time-sensitive decision, because they must be completed very early in the pregnancy. The wrong thing to do is to do it because “it’s time even if I’m not ready for it”.
  • An abortion is a surgical act.
  • After the surgery, most women don’t feel good in their body. The act is strong and the hormones levels are disoriented. Some women even suffer from “post-abortion stress syndrome”, that can cause severe, long-term symptoms such as anxiety and depression
  • An abortion is permanent. And no one wants you to struggle with your decision long after the procedure, because of the circumstances, because of the pressure, because of.

At Rainbow of Love we think that it’s up to each expectant mother to decide what is best for her and her baby.

We would like to share with you the 2 main categories of alternatives you may consider: Parenting and Adoption

Parenting now or in the future…

You can decide to keep the baby with the baby’ father or alone or with the help of your support system.

Alternative #1 – raise your child with the baby’s father

If you know the baby’s father and you deeply think that, he could do a good father, a good support and help in any possible way you may be able to raise your child together. However, if you choose this option, know that you will be forever connected — and it is important that you are not forced into a long-term relationship that isn’t right for you.

Alternative #2 – be a single mother

If you don’t think the baby’s father would be a right option, you may consider single parenting. Single parenting can be challenging, this option is becoming increasingly common and accepted in society. Before deciding to become a single parent, however, it is important to develop a strong support system and consider the many practical and financial challenges of raising a baby on your own.

Alternative #3 – place the baby in a temporary guardianship

If you believe that you will be able and happy to raise your child in the near future, you may consider placing your baby in a temporary guardianship with a family member. These legal arrangements allow you to ensure your baby is safe and cared for while you finish school and find a more stable situation.
If you are not sure that you will be able to parent in the future, you may need to consider a more permanent placement for your baby to come.


Alternative #4 – place the baby for adoption

Adoption is the hardest choice to make for you and your baby. But, this is also the choice that gives you a chance to achieve your own current life goals and give life to your baby. This alternative also gives you the peace of mind to know that your baby will be raised within a comfortable, loving and stable family.

Also, adoption services are always provided at no cost to expectant mothers, and many women even receive help with their living expenses during pregnancy. If you think this is the best alternative for you and your baby, call us at (281) 438-6588.

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